Monday, March 1, 2010

So Close.....

Here we are...Day 15. I hate to even type this, for fear that I'll jinx things but...... Mack might be coming home tomorrow! He has been moved to an open crib which means his environment is no longer temperature controlled. They moved him early this morning and as of tonight, he's managed to keep his own temperature regulated AND continue to finish all of his bottles. That may not sound like much but for a tiny 4lb 14oz peanut, they both require a whole lot of energy! He was given a hearing test this morning and passed with flying colors! Tomorrow he has to pass a car seat challenge. They strap him into a car seat for about an hour to make sure his heart rate doesn't drop. That will ensure that he makes it from the hospital to home without any problems. IF....(and it's a big IF)...he continues to eat and keep his temp up and IF he passes the car seat challenge than MR. Mack will be sleeping in his new home for the first time tomorrow night!!!

Nick and Jake are close. Both of them are taking almost all of their bottles. If they don't finish, there is very little remaining that needs to be gavaged (fed through the tube in their nose). They have to take all of their bottles for 24 hours before they move to an open crib. We're hoping they'll do that this week and won't be far behind their brother.

Our Luker.....he is such an angel baby. He talks about his brothers every day even though he has no idea how life is about to change. I know though that he is having a difficult time with the way things are right now. He cries more and he's much more needy these's breaking my heart. I know in the long run he is going to LOVE having three younger brothers, I just need to get through this transition successfully to help calm these insane emotions (or do we call those hormones???). As much as he's going through right now he continures to get great daily (well....almost daily) reports at school and remains the happy, playful, wonderful light of our lives.

Will post pictures soon but wanted to make sure to send this update. I'll absolutely post again to let you know if Mack indeed made it home! Thanks to everyone for keeping us close in thoughts and preayer. We're in the home stretch!!!!!

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