Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Toxic Synovitis

I have so much to update.... I have all my boys home now!!! Mack came home first on March 2nd after 16 days in the NICU. Jake was next, on the 3rd and Nick came home on the 5th. Nick was there for 19 days. I honestly can't believe the longest stay was only 19 days. It seemed much longer but in the whole scheme of things, 19 days is close to nothing. We feel so blessed that these boys basically just needed a little time to eat and grow. They've all been checked by our pediatrician and given a clean bill of health! It is so wonderful to have everyone under one roof!

Our little Luker....he's our concern at the moment. Last Thursday (the 4th of March)we were playing with him and I noticed he seemed to get "stuck" in a squatting poisition. He needed help getting up. Then I noticed that he looked like an old man when he walked and it looked like his legs were going to give out. Friday morning Joe took him to the doctor while we were waiting for the call to go pick up Nick. They were there for about 2 hours and took four x-rays. They x-rayed his hips, knees, feet and ankles. The x-rays looked fine and the doctor said to give him Motrin and Tylenol for pain relief. It was good news that the x-rays were fine and that he wasn't running a fever but we still had no answers. Saturday came and he wouldn't walk or stand at all. We decided to take him to the emergency room. I couldn't watch him suffer without getting some idea of why this was happening. Thank God mom was here to watch the babies. The doctor there was wonderful and made Luke so comfortable. Unfortunately though they had to take a ton of blood and it took all Joe had to hold him down. It was heartbreaking. His bloodwork came back normal (thank God) with nothing but a little bit of inflammation and a sign of a possible virus. Based on that information and the x-rays, they diagnosed him with what is called Toxic Synovitis. It's basically a diagnosis they come to when they've ruled other things out. It's like a virus in the hip. Apparently it usually lasts a week but on occasion can last 4-5 weeks. We just pray that it doesn't last that long. It's been 5 days now and he seems to be improving some. Still no weight on his legs but he moves them both more often and his mood is great. That kid is such a trooper. He's so frustrated that he can't get around but continues to smile and laugh. We're keeping him busy with walks in the wagon and trips to the backyard to swing. Bubbles are a lifesaver too. If he's not better by the beginning of next week we have to have the bloodwork run again. I'm praying we don't have to do that.

As far as Luke's reaction to the babies.....he's been absolutely amazing. I was prepared for the worst and he has totally surpried me. The other day I was in the kitchen and a baby was crying. Luke fought his pain and hobbled out to the kitchen, in tears, not because he hurt but because he was upset that Mack was crying. He truly is a remarkable little boy.

So.....that's where we are right now. We're elated, concerned, happy, frustrated....you name it, we're feeling it. We're so thankful that mom has been in town especially with all that's been going on. We're hoping for things to get back to normal really soon and we'll definitely keep you updated.

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