Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Valentine's Day Gifts

The boys have arrived!! On Saturday, February 13th I started having contractions that were about nine minutes apart. Contractions were nothing new to me.....I had gotten quite used to having them and having them often, they just normally weren't consistent. Joe and I went back and forth about whether or not we should go in. I kind of thought maybe I was just having them because I had been on my feet a lot that day and not resting as much as I should have been. We finally decided it was better to be safe than sorry and we should just go make sure everything was OK. Papaw and Aunt Mary Ann came over to watch Luke and we were off to the hospital. It was about 6:30pm. We called mom and dad to let them know and they were in the car on their way. I thought it was a little ridiculous that they were coming but they insisted.

I was taken to a room shortly after we arrived at labor and delivery. They started monitoring the babies and the doctor came in to check me. I had dilated to 4 (the last time I was in I was at a 2) and I was 50% effaced. They made the decision to check me again in an hour and if nothing changed they would keep me until morning and check me again then. hour passes and they come to check me again. At that point I was still at a 4 and about 60% effaced so the decision was made to just check again the next morning. About 15 minutes after the doctor left I started to have very painful contractions and horrible back pains. I decided to call the doctor back in to check me again. This time I was dilated to about 4.5 and 80% effaced! She went to call Dr Demay who had been caring for me all along. She came back in and said "Are you ready to have these babies?" I asked "when" and she said "Right now!". I was scared to death....

They had given me a drug called Stadol to help with the pain from the contractions and it made me absolutely loopy. I hated the feeling! When it came time to head to the OR (c-section, of course!) they had to give me a spinal block. I was so dizzy and so was absolutely awful. Thinking back, it was actually an amazing experience. I was awake, so I could hear the babies cry as they came out but I couldn't feel a thing.

Jake was born first at 1:36am weighing 3lbs 15.5ozs and was 17.5 inches long. Nick was second at 4lbs, 11.5ozs and 17.5 inches long. Mack came third at 4lbs 5.5ozs and 16 inches long. Jake and Nick were breathing on their own but Mack needed a little help so they had to intubate him. He had pulled the tube out before they got out of the OR....little stinker!!

Oh....Mom and Dad.... They weren't able to be there when the babies were born but they made it all the way to TN and arrived at 4:00am!! Mom stayed at he hospital with me that night and Joe and Dad went home to try and get a few hours of sleep. Aunt Sheila was able to be there when the babies were born and she was our official photographer!

Welcome to the world Jake Douglas, Nick Brendahl and Mack Joseph! We love you so much and are so thrilled you are here! Can't wait for you to meet your big brother, Luke!!!

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