Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almost Cord-Free!!!

(Jake, Mack, Nick and Luke!)
The boys are ten days old today and still moving through all of this like little champs! All of them are off of their IV nutrition which means their getting everything they need just from the food they're given every four hours! Because of that, Jake was able to get the UVC out of his belly and Nick and Mack were able to get their PICC lines removed! Nick got his out yesterday but we had to wait and do Mack's today because his temperature warm around 99 yesterday and they were worried he might be trying to fight something off. It turns out his isolette (his little condo!) was too warm and he's doing a great job of regulating his own body temperature which is something else we're working on right now! So....although we were concerned that he might have a fever, it turns out that it was great news and we're another step closer to getting him home! Our little Jake is now 4lbs 2ozs so he's finally in the 4lb range! Nick was 5 lbs yesterday but lost a couple of ounces today so he's weighing 4lbs 14ozs and Mack is at 4lbs 8ozs. The doctor said he's not concerned about them losing a couple of ounces and is going to continue to increase their feedings. They're all trying to nurse and we're trying to get them to take their entire feedings from a bottle. Once they get that down they'll be able to get the ng tubes removed from their little noses (that's how they're fed right goes directly into their bellies). It's much easier to hold them these days because the only wires hanging from them are from the electrodes that measure their heart rate and respiration. It's such a relief to know that if one of those cords gets "stuck" it won't hurt them if it pulls! They're all finally in little jammies and look so cozy! So....things continue to look up and we're looking so forward to the day when we can bring them home!

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