Friday, May 21, 2010

Three Months Already!

To those of you that check in frequently, thank you, and I apologize for the long delay between posts! As I'm sure you can imagine, things are more than crazy around here! As I type this, I'm trying to feed Nick. It's a bit of a challenge because he can't go long enough without smiling or giggling to actually eat! All three of them are like that and it's such a joy! They are still the best babies and every day is a little bit better than the last as they become more and more alert and responsive. We're more than ready for them to sleep through the night! We had some success last week when they fell asleep in their car seats and actually slept for about 9 hours! Now, why can't we have them sleep there every night????!!! Well, hopefully that was a sign of good things to come!

Luke is absolutely wonderful. He's definitely testing his limits....there's no doubt he's almost two! He's starting to understand what's his and what is not. Every time he says, "That's MY mommy!" it melts my heart. He loves his brothers so much. Every night he has to make sure to say goodnight to one of them and every morning he wakes up and says, "See my brothers!". He loves to play with them which stresses me out because he plays like a two year old buy and doesn't seem to grasp "gentle". I love that he loves them.....I worried so much about that before they were born.

We have been so blessed to have Joe's family nearby. They have helped us so much. My sister-in-law Lee Anne comes every Wednesday with our niece, Sophie and our nephews Doug and Sam, to watch the babies so I can get out of the house for a few hours. For my birthday, my sisters-in-law Sheila and Mary Ann and my niece Emily came to watch them all and Joe and I went to the casino in Cherokee, NC and got to spend the night there! It was such a treat! Papaw comes a few times a week to help us with Luke. They go out back and play golf or play on the swing set. Luke likes to take a tennis racquet and go with Papaw to "hitted the bumblebees". I so wish my family was closer but got so lucky when I married into such a wonderful family.

So....that's about it. We're happily plugging along. It's nice to have warm weather here so we can get the babies outside since we don't get to go on too many outings :-) Hope you're all well. I'll try and update again soon! Love to you all!

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